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Back from the dead!!!!

July 30, 2009 | In Defcon | Comments Off

OHH EMMM GEEE the dead have risen.


Hi guys, how ya been? Yes I am finally back from the dead and looking to invest a little more time into the site. Also I should hopefully crossed fingers have some fantabulous news about my collection real soon, oh and for those of you that messaged me about it no I didn’t have to sell anything so the collection is still all together. :)

But I do have some news on the community front, a new website has sprung up for not only PAL Playstation Collectors but NTSC collectors as well.

So a great place to get together with some of the NTSC collectors and talk all things Playstation, so go click the image to visit now and join in the fun, but of course don’t forget our forums, they ain’t going nowhere.


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