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Boxing Day Blowout Part 3

December 26, 2008 | In Defcon | Comments Off

Well that was quick, back again and this time I got Special Editions. Click the image as always to find out more.

Disney Triple Pack 3 Velocity x 3 Lilo and Stitch Press Kit
Disney Triple Pack 3 Velocity x 3 Lilo and Stitch Press Kit

And thats me done for now as far as updates go. Thankfully I have nearly cleared my back log with only one or two more things to get done. Of course then the hunt starts again.

And talking about hunts, there is a big game hunt going on isn’t there. Well thanks to the big fat jolly red man (no not AtariBuff) we can finally tick 3 more off the list.

castle busta star

Yes yes you are seeing that right, both Castlevania Limited edition and Star Ocean, and add to that the Bust a Move double pack. What a nice man Santa Claus is. Well actually the Star Ocean was from Lady Defcon, and I bought her the Castlevania :)

Still shall we re-count the list then?

  1. Grand Theft Auto: Double Feature
  2. Rayman Junior: Anfaenger

Thats right. 2 to get and infact AtariBuff has already promised me a copy of Rayman Junior so that brings the grand total needed to 1. That being that damn Grand Theft Auto double feature.

Now the serious hunt begins.

Well I hope you are beginning to feel better from your over eating and drinking. Hopefully these updates have made it a little more tolerable.

Have fun and lets see what New Year brings.


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