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Busy Weekend Ahead

May 23, 2008 | In Defcon | Comments Off

Well first things first. Sorry for not updating yesterday, so much for my non stop marathon hey. To make up for it I have 6 posters for you to look at today.

PXgamesProBoarder.jpg PZeroDivide2.jpg PTotalNBA97.jpg
PRugrats.jpg PShadowman.jpg PPetsInTV.jpg

So these are your basic shop advertising posters, nothing too special, however there are some less well known games in that little lot there. Obviously there are still more posters to come, I doubt I will ever see the end of these things. You never know I might just spam them all up in one go soon. :)

Now onto the title of this post, Busy Weekend Ahead. Its a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK this weekend and I expect to take full advantage of it. First there will be a little bit of site maintenence going on so if you visit and the site is down please do not be alarmed. Hopefully some of this maintenence should go towards making the site a little faster and maybe add some new features.

Also I am going to begin going through my full games collection and photographing the individual games, I have to alphabetise it first as I have been very lazy recently and let it get a little out of control. But that happens easily when you have over 1400 games to sort out.

And finally I have picked up Age of Conan today so I am gonna take a look at that as well, I knowthis is not really important but it is going to be a part of my busy weekend, that and eating, and maybe some sleeping, might mow the lawn as well, possibly take a little stroll. Oh what a wonderfully adventurous life I lead.


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