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Castlevania – Brings out the crazies

June 20, 2008 | In Defcon | Comments Off


Link >> Its been relisted << Link


Well lets see now. As you know, well at least the frequent visitors to the site here know, I do get a bee in my bonnet about eBay and its buyers/sellers now and again. I really hate to see when sellers do not get the money they deserve for their rarish items because people contact them on the side and get them to take whatever game out of a bundle and sell it to them cheap (only for those people to relist it straight away and get the profit.

And it drives me crazy when people ask for insane amounts of postage for small tiny items that cost next to nothing to send. And grrr I do hate those power sellers that use stock photos!. And….. see I get a little irate.

However sometimes I do just have to sit back, pour myself a beer, light up a cigarette and say to myself…… OMG WHAT THE FUCK!!!

And yes dear readers I did that just now, and I WTF’d so much I had to come on here and write about it straight away. So want to know what I was WTF’ing at? Well this


If you click the above link you will find, at the time of writing, a Castlevania Symphony of the Night Limited Edition and the stupid price of ??140 with almost 2 days left to run.

Now first off, that’s batshit insane!!! The game is not that damn rare. There are at least 50 for sale all over Europe at the moment. Yes this may well be a decent example of the game, with no scratches etc but still its not worth ??140.

Now that would be enough to drive my WTF meter to full, however there was something that drive it even higher than possible and that was the little blue text underneath the current price. And that being Reserve Not Met!!

Reserve not met? OMG WTF LOLZ!!! Talk about a greedy seller. Its no wonder that this game becomes ’seemingly rare’ when people put reserves on over that amount. Seriously this is enough to put me off collecting PlayStation altogether. So i would just like to go on the record now and say.

THIS GAME IS NOT ALL THAT RARE. Yes it may well be a good game, but it is not that rare, and the extras you get for it being a ‘limited edition’ are not worth an extra ??100 on top of what the standard edition would give you, and you can get it on Xbox Live as well for a couple of quid.

You wanna know a rare game? Try finding Whizz. That’s a rare game. Or TinTin UK version, thats a rare game, or Jet Ace, thats a rare game. Castlevania Symphony of the Night, that is NOT a rare game and is not worth ??140 plus. And anyone willing to pay that amount of money (and yes I am looking at you Bidder 6) deserves to have their testicles stapled to their eyelids.

/rant off

I guess we will be discussing this in the comments so please feel free to add your flames/insults/castlevania fanboyism towards me.


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