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Controller Freaks

June 15, 2008 | In Defcon | Comments Off

So while I await a response on a technical issue that is stopping me from speeding the site up I was sat here thinking what could I do? I then looked up above my computer and realised I had a lot of ‘to do’ stuff sitting here waiting to be thrown on the site. So I decided to do it now, well some of it anyway, and as usual the wife and I still have our strange third party controller fetish so here are a few new ones to look at.

Jaguar Dual Analogue Controller Dance II Performance LightBlaster
Jaguar Controller Dance II Performance LightBlaster
P7K Light Gun 360 Modena Racing Wheel
P7K Light Gun 360 Modena Wheel

So nothing of any great significance there, but still more hardware added to the pile that we currently have in our collection. Now if only I could say that made a dent in the backlog of stuff I have to put on the site, but it doesn’t, exciting news for you readers I guess, not for me however who has to find time to throw it up. But I will and soon.


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