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Football the PlayStation way.

May 20, 2008 | In Defcon | Comments Off

So its the big game tomorrow night, where English football comes to face to face on a Moscow battlefield. The fans have been given special visa allowances as long as they have tickets to the game, warnings have been spread about being drunk in and around the match, and the media hype machine is has already been adding fuel to the already volatile fire.

Tomorrow night the two best teams in England (allegedly), Chelsea and Manchester United fight it out to be crowned Champions of Europe and quite frankly I couldn’t give a toss about it. :) Football just ain’t my thing but it has been a massive part of the PlayStation 1’s history. From Fifa Soccer 96, through to ISS, and on to Actua Soccer, and the various football management games, the PlayStation 1 has always had a football game somewhere in its top 10 chart. There are countless country variants with different European managers fronting various brands. Seriously the football list goes on and on, and maybe the Stat Machine that is AtariBuff might even be able to provide us with a comprehensive list of football games on the forum.

But from me, a little something to celebrate this triumphant night for English football. First some posters for you….

PWorldCup98.jpg PFootballManager2000.jpg PISSPro98.jpg
PISSProEvolution.jpg PTIF.jpg PUEFAChampions.jpg

So there you go, a small sample of what football games were actually on offer for the PlayStation 1 in poster format.

And now on to something really special.

Le Monde Des Blues Edition Limitee

Le Monde Des Blues Edition Limitee
Click Image For More

Now clicking on that image above will take you a limited edition page that may well contain the most photos of one single limited edition ever. This thing is packed full of goodies for even the most hardcore of football fans. There are photos, a music cd, a vhs tape, the list goes on. Seriously those French really did enjoy winning that World Cup.

Well I hope this small update marathon is keeping you guys interested, if there is anything you guys would like to see then please say so. And do keep leaving the comments on the web pages and throwing your thoughts down in the forums. All of us here at the PAL PlayStation collection read every single piece of input from our visitors and try to reply with as much help and information as we can. We absolutely love it when someones drops some new information on us and allows us to put our ‘collective’ weight behind the search for the real answers.

More tomorrow, remember stay safe, enjoy the football, and may the best team win. (Oh wait they did, they won the Carling Cup! :) )


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