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10 Million Model PlayStation


    Manufacturer: Sony
    Product Number: SCPH-7002


Not For Sale


Well here it is, my personal Holy Grail when it comes to Playstation 1 hardware, the 10 Million Model, Midnight Blue Playstation console. These console came in very limited numbers, more than likely less than 100, and were made up to celerbrate the PlayStation console selling 10 million units. As you can see from the label this is a PAL version, but they were also made for the US and Japanese markets as well.

With this console being made in such limited numbers you can probably understand why it is my personal Holy Grail. It is not a mint example, the box is a little roughed up and I believe it should of come with a Midnight Blue controller as well. It may not be complete however to me it is my greatest find and I am chuffed to bits with it.


HMidnightBox.jpg HMidnightConsole.jpg HMidnightLabel.jpg

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