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Harry Potter Console Pack


    Manufacturer: Sony
    Product Number: SCPH-102B


    * New, compact design for increased portability
    * Delivers immense speed, stunning graphics and superb CD quality sound
    * Fast growing games catalogue with over 1000 games now available
    * Exclusive Sony technology creates a fully immersive gaming experience
    * Includes the Analog Controller (DUALSHOCK) with built-in vibration feedback so you can feel the action onscreen.
    * Audio CD compatible and intergrates fully into Amplifier or Surround Sound system.
    * Includes SoundScope a feature that generates onscreen kaleidoscopic images from audio CD’s


    * This unit is designed for use exclusively with CD-ROM’s that have both the ‘PlayStation’ logo and PAL designation and Audio CD’s
    * This unit outputs PAL signal only.
    * This unit does not support the Link Cable
    * Read the instruction manual before use.
    * The export, commercial use, or leasing of this product is prohibited.
    * Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
    * ‘Sony’ is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.
    * ‘PlayStation Logo’ and ‘PlayStation’ are trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc


Taking advantage of the Harry Potter hysteria, SSony decided it would be a good idea to package the PSOne console along with the Harry Potter games. And this is it, its a standard PSOne pack but it inculdes Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone game, in standard CD Jewel case.


HPotterConsoleFront.jpg HPotterConsoleGame1.jpg HPotterConsoleGame2.jpg

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