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Net Yaroze


    Manufacturer: Sony
    Product Number: DTL-H3002


Yaroze Console

    Contents * Console
    * Controllers
    * AC Power Cord
    * 3-pin converting adaptor
    * Euro AV connector plug
    * A/V connecting cable
    * Printed Materials


    * This unit is designed for use exclusively with CD-ROMs that have both the ‘PlayStation’ logo and NTSC-J, NTSC-U/C, PAL or ‘Net Yaroze’ designation and Audio CD’s. Note: When using a CD-ROM has NTSC-J or NTSC-U/C designation in this unit, you must use an NTSC Colour System television or monitor.
    * Please read the Instruction Manual before use
    * Please keep the Instruction Manual carefully for future reference.
    * The export, commercial use or leasing of this product is prohibited.
    * ‘Playstation Logo’, ‘PlayStation’, and ‘Net Yaroze’ are trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Software Development Tool


    * Start Up Guide
    * Library Reference
    * User Guide
    * ‘Net Yaroze’ boot disc
    * ‘Net Yaroze’ software development disc
    * Access Card
    * Communication cable

    Design and specifications are subject to change without notice

    * Use of this product requires the following hardware and software.
    + Computer PC/AT compatible with 486DX2 66 MHz CPU or higher
    + Hard Disk at least 10MB available
    + Memory at least 4MB available
    + CD-ROM drive
    + SVGA monitor
    + MS-DOS ver. 5.0 or higher
    + Windows 3.1 or Windows 95
    * This product is for members of ‘Net Yaroze’ run by Sony Computer Entertainment America or Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and is sold based on the membership agreement.
    * ‘Playstation Logo’, ‘PlayStation’, and ‘Net Yaroze’ are trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
    * The company names and product names in this product are generally registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies. The ?? and TM mark are not used in this product.


The bedroom programmers dream come true thanks to Sony, the Yaroze allowed people to create games for their PlayStation out of their own bedrooms. With a little programming knowledge and all this kit hooked up to their machine the world was their oyster. A small homebrew scene sprang up on release of the Yaroze and some games even made it to the big league however it really didn’t take off too greatly mainly due to the cost of the kit needed to get started.

This set up is missing one of the controllers but it is still my little pride and joy.


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HSYarozeBoxSoft.jpg HSYarozeInstructions.jpg HSYarozeBooks.jpg

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