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Spyro Starter Pack


    Manufacturer: Sony
    Product Number: SCPH-102B – SCES02835


    PS One Console

    Neat, curvaceous, compact, and lightweight makes this a ‘must have’ games console. A third of the size of the original PlayStation. Compatible with all PlayStation Software.

    2 Analog Controllers

    The Analog Controller (DUALSHOCK) is the essential controller for PS One, boasting the unique DUALSHOCK vibration technology, twin analog stick and the full array of standard buttons.

    Memory Card

    You can trust the official Memory Card to store your inventory and save your positions, hi-scores and replays over and over again. The Memory Card for PlayStation (PS One) is an absolute essential for all gamers

    Spyro – Year Of The Dragon

    Theives have kidnapped a brood of dragon eggs, while, elsewhere in the Dragon Lands, a gateway to the Forgotten Worlds has been incovered. Face a hourney into uncharted territory against the most fearsome enemy yet… the Sorceress!


Another of the Sony start up packs comes with a Platinum copy of Spyro Year Of The Dragon. Unlike other starter packs however this one comes with 2 contollers (one in the console and one on its own) and a memory card. Not a bad little starting kit at the time of its release.


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