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Namco Arcade Stick


    Manufacturer: Nacmo
    Product Number: SLEH-0004


Perfect for fighting games or shoot ‘em ups, the Namco Arcade Stick is identical in function to the standard controller but boasts the build quality and feel of a coin-op machine. Featuring a balanced joystick with fully micro-switched action, arcade-standard button mechanism, and a robust all-metal housing, it delivers an unmatched response under the most punishing play conditions.


Finally, the grand daddy of them all, the Namco Arcade stick. The best controller for the PlayStation 1 console. The build quality on these controllers is un-surpassed, its like having an arcade cabinet on your lap.

This is not a great example due to the box being a little beaten up however with the demand for these things still being huge and it sometimes going for upwards of £50 I’ll take this one and be happy to have it.


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