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Hey Now, We’re The Allstars

November 8, 2008 | In Defcon | Comments Off

Morning, Afternoon and Evening wherever you are. Day two of the latest poster marathon and another rarely seen poster here. Eidos’ All Star Soccer featuring the charactured faces of Ruud Hullit and Eric Cantona to name but a few, or to name the ones I recognise.


Its amazing where I dig these things up from isn’t it. Oh and just to let you know I got some more bulky stuff coming soon including a new press kit, some promos, lots of hardware, some porn, and some clothing. Yes thats right, not only is the poster marathon in full effect but its going to be closely followed by a new additions marathon immeadiatly afterwards.

Aren’t I good to you guys? Well aren’t I?

Have a great weekend all and tune in tomorrow for another poster.


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