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Just why?

March 3, 2008 | In Defcon | Comments Off

So its been a little quiet around here recently, nothing to be worried about thankfully but its about time we got this ship rolling about in the ocean again.

Its been a funny two weeks here in the UK what with earthquakes, gas explosions, strong winds, and this morning snow, its made me start thinking about things a little more, and I suppose the big scare of Lady Defcon’s has helped me reflect a little. While going back through some old forum posts I saw someone asking ‘why PAL PS1?’.

Well the PAL bit I suppose is obvious, we are European, its our format. But the PS1? Why. Well it got me thinking, and as I was I stumbled across this little beauty…

… and I just thought. Thats why.

Well thats enough of the new age hippy rubbish. Back room stuff is coming along very nicely and I am also in training for Marathon 2 – The Re-run which should be starting very soon. Hopefully we should see some really nice things happening real soon on this site which will be nice. And hopefully we might get a few more people coming in and saying hello on the forums.

And a quick note about Lady Defcon, she is doing fine and is getting better and fitter by the day.


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