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Mental Wealth

September 13, 2007 | In Defcon | Comments Off

**Somewhere deep inside Sony HQ, down the hall from the coffee machine**

‘Right then guys we gotta flog more PlayStations’

‘Yeah but how are we gonna do that?’

‘I know hows about we get the guy that made that Come To Daddy video for Aphex Twin’

‘Oh you mean Chris Cunningham’

‘Yeah thats him, lets get him to do a completely insane and totally confusing advert for the console.’

‘Do you think Joe Public would understand?’

‘Aw come on now, everyones a Sony Fanboy now. We can do anything now and people will by a PlayStation.’

‘Yeah we so r0xx0rz!!!!’

Sorry guys I just had to post this when I saw it. What the hell were Sony’s marketing department thinking when they came up with this one. Still I suppose its good to have Chris Cunningham direct an advert for you, and that was classic Chris Cunningham but still…..how in the hell did the PlayStation ever sell??


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