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Optical Illusion

May 14, 2008 | In Defcon | Comments Off

Yep you are not seeing double this is infact my second update today. But it does have something to do with optical illusions.

The average male brain can process millions of thought processes at a time, however most males do not have the cognitive ability to actually gain any use out of these thought processes. Further more the male brain can be tricked into seemingly not seeing portions of images if enough suggestive thought is put in front of them.

Take this following image for example. Somewhere within this image there is a well known PlayStation 1 game. See how long it takes you to spot it.


Did you spot it? I know its a toughie isn’t it. Well I shall give you the answer. Its Diver’s Dream by Konami. :lol:

Now enough of this stupidity. This little joke here is just to announce that I have added 3 more posters to the poster gallery. You can visit it by going to the Other Stuff > Artwork and Posters section.

I also need to add that I have added the searches for eBay France and eBay Australia to the Search Assistant, click the image in the sidebar to go see them. I have also started adding searches for the search term sealed in order to satisfy those collectors that like to collect only sealed versions of games. (Or in other words those guys over at Sealed Game Heaven, hi guys!)

I will throw up a complete search list when I have got them all finished, and find a better way to navigate through them all.

Well that is really me done tonight. Look out for more tomorrow I guess.


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