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PS1 Merchandise

Conquered Worlds PlayStation Jackets

OConquerWorldsJacket1.jpg OConquerWorldsJacket2.jpg

Here we have two PlayStation jackets from around the time of the ‘Conquered Worlds’ advert, judging by the picture of the kid on the label. Both are sealed and brand new

PlayStation Symbols Cufflinks

Now I think these are official, a set of four cufflinks, each one made in the image of the symbols on a PlayStation controller. The box also has PlayStation branding embossed into it.

PlayStation Controller Cufflinks

Doubt these are official however they are very nice indeed. A set of cufflinks modelled in the image of the PlayStation Controller.

Final Fantasy 8 Wallet

OFFWalletFront.jpg OFFWalletBack.jpg

A really nice Final Fantasy 8 branded wallet here, it also includes PlayStation and Square branding on the inside.

Dance UK Record Bag

A nice little bag for the girls here. Its a standard Record bag branded with the Dance UK logo in pink. I am sure it would be considered accessorising by some.

Nike Air Force 1 PlayStation

ONikeBox.jpg ONikeShoe.jpg ONikeLogo.jpg

I believe these to be real but they could well be fakes, however they are still a nice addition to the collection. Some Nike Air Force 1’s with PlayStation logo branding. More information about them can be found here.

Playstation Laptop-style Bag

Another bag emblazened with the Playstation Logo, this time a laptop style bag. I would like to tell you more about it however with it still being sealed I don’t really want to try and get into it. It does however have the Playstation logo embroided on the front, and what looks like an attachment for a carrying strap.

PlayStation Wallet


Here we have a still sealed and totally brand new PlayStation Wallet. It is a black canvas wallet and has a whiote embroided logo upon it.

Sony Playstation Record Bag


This record bag, branded with the Playstation 1 logo, has a main section, a front pocket, and a pen holder at the side. The long strap extends to fit whatever size.

Sony Playstation CD Wallet

OCDWalletBox.jpg OCDWallet.jpg

This CD Wallet, branded with the Playstation 1 logo, holds up to 14 disks and has a handy netted storage area for memory cards.

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