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Boxing Day Blowout Part 1

December 26, 2008 | In Defcon | Comments Off

Well hello there, are we having a nice hang over from all the festivities yesterday? Well good you probably deserve it :)

So I have decided today to spend my Boxing Day working on the site a little and having spent the morning in the back end I decided it was high time I put some new stuff up. So instead of throwing up one big post I am just going to update with little posts throughout the day as I do it.

So lets start off with a few promo and merchandise items.

Conquered Worlds Jackets

OConquerWorldsJacket1.jpg OConquerWorldsJacket2.jpg

Games Preview Video

OGamesPreviewFront.jpg OGamesPreviewBack.jpg OGamesPreviewLabel.jpg

Desktop Standees

OPointBlankStandee.jpg OTIFStandee.jpg

Vib Ribbon Shirt

OVibRibbonShirtBack.jpg OVibRibbonShirtFront.jpg

Well there you go for a start, next up some hardware items. Check back soon for more.


Lara did it again!!!

December 9, 2008 | In AtariBuff | Comments Off

Whooo, another (at least to me) unknown Limited Edition of the French country variant of Tomb Raider II including a button for your denims, tattoos and stickers all packaged inside the regular jewel case. Text on the backside of the tattoo set however is French AND German, so maybe there is also a German version lurking somewhere.

Hmmm, happy hunting ;)

Tomb Raider II
Tomb Raider II
Tomb Raider 2

Variety is the spice of life

November 27, 2008 | In Defcon | Comments Off

Well Howdy Ho people, I said I would be trying to keep up with things and that is what I intend to do. I have a couple of things to talk about today but the first is to get you guys up dated on my quest to join AtariBuff in the illustrious club that is ‘Complete PAL Collection Club’.

So I have managed to bag two more games out of the list so it is rapidly shrinking to the magic number of 0. Today we have….

First up is Destruction Derby Raw/Porsche Challenge double pack, and secondly we have GZSZ 3. The 2nd one has been a right pain to try and get hold of I might add. So that brings our list to

  1. Bust A Move 2 / Bust A Move 3DX
  2. Castlevania Symphony Of The Night Limited Edition
  3. Grand Theft Auto: Double Feature
  4. Rayman Junior: Anfaenger
  5. Star Ocean: The Second Story

And I can already inform you that 2 more of the above games are winging their way to the Defconsoft household as we speak.

Secoundly and on the topic of the big games hunt I am about to put out a plea.

Yep thats right, anyone giving me information which directly leads me to acquiring this game will be rewarded with an extremely special surprise from the Defconsoft vaults. So please look extra hard in every crevice. hole or launch a stealth attack on Ataribuff’s house and get me this game. :)

Now finally I would like to show you something rather special in my eyes. Here take a look at this.

Notice anything about it? Hmm maybe I will leave this out for debate before I give you the real answer to what it is. If you have any ideas then throw them up in the comments. If anyone guesses the answer and gives me the actual story behind it I will give that person a custom forum title.

Lets see how far your knowledge really goes:)

As correctly guessed by Tinsair this is an exclusive holographic cover edition only available from the British store HMV. These do not show up that often, infact this is the first one I have seen. And to prove it here is the ad from the OPSM magazine for May 98. Tinsair message me with a custom title that you would like.


Posters Mega Update

November 23, 2008 | In Defcon | Comments Off

Ok I know I promised you guys a poster marathon, but it seems I feel at the first pretty much thanks to a really busy and hectic schedule recently. In order to make up for it I am just going to blow out on the posters and throw them all up in one big go. Isn’t that nice of me :)

So here you go, get your fill of new posters to the Defconsoft collection.

PFrenzy.jpg PGex3D.jpg POne.jpg
PKlonoa.jpg PMcraeRally.jpg PMicroPlatinum.jpg
PPitfall.jpg PPremierManager98.jpg PFastbreakBack.jpg
PFastbreakFront.jpg PVig8Front.jpg PVig8Back.jpg

So that brings the poster collection to the dizzying heights of ‘alot’ and you can see them all in the Artwork and Posters section of the site.

Right now thats posters out of the way I can concentrate on proper updates with some new stuff coming in both hardware and special releases, along with a really nice and extremely rare variant. I even have some merchandise to chuck into all that as well.

Also with Christmas coming up it should giv eme some more time to really throw up some special stuff here at the Collective that might surprise a few of you.


We have no Kangaroos in Austria…

November 19, 2008 | In AtariBuff | Comments Off

Look what these crazy Australian guys have in store – the Asteroids Limited Edition pack with ArcadeMax controller included.

The second pic is especially for my old buddy Defcon. Feel the shrinkwrap, yesssss…


Asteroids Limited Edition

aka The Shrink

Hey Now, We’re The Allstars

November 8, 2008 | In Defcon | Comments Off

Morning, Afternoon and Evening wherever you are. Day two of the latest poster marathon and another rarely seen poster here. Eidos’ All Star Soccer featuring the charactured faces of Ruud Hullit and Eric Cantona to name but a few, or to name the ones I recognise.


Its amazing where I dig these things up from isn’t it. Oh and just to let you know I got some more bulky stuff coming soon including a new press kit, some promos, lots of hardware, some porn, and some clothing. Yes thats right, not only is the poster marathon in full effect but its going to be closely followed by a new additions marathon immeadiatly afterwards.

Aren’t I good to you guys? Well aren’t I?

Have a great weekend all and tune in tomorrow for another poster.


Resident Evil 2 Rare Poster

November 7, 2008 | In Defcon | Comments Off

Time for an update I guess. So where shall we start? How about the great games hunt. Shall we knock a few more off the list? Yes lets.

Yes another 3 off the list, and thats Namco Museum 4 (with a big thanks to Bucky-B for this one), Moorhuhn Kart and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Double Pack. So that brings us down to just 7 needed, those being….

  1. Bust A Move 2 / Bust A Move 3DX
  2. Castlevania Symphony Of The Night Limited Edition
  3. Destruction Derby Raw / Porsche Challenge
  4. Grand Theft Auto: Double Feature
  5. Gute Zeiten – Schlechte Zeiten: Vol. 3
  6. Rayman Junior: Anfaenger
  7. Star Ocean: The Second Story

We are getting very close now, but can we do it before the end of the year? Thats the aim so we will just have to see.

Now onto the post title. Lady Defcon managed to find this little beauty tucked away on eBay Germany a few weeks ago and she has been begging me to throw it up to show you all. Well since its a poster and I still have a few posters to throw up I decided now would be a good time, and use it to start a new poster update marathon so for the next few days I will be bringing you a new poster everyday!!!!

And todays is the aforementioned Resident Evil 2 poster.


Now I have seen this poster a grand total of 1 times in the wild and this is the one you are looking at now, the reason why I think it could be rare is because its from Germany and Resident Evil didn’t really get a warm welcome in old Germanland. If anyone can tell me otherwise I will be willing to retract its rarity, but for now I think this is one rare bad boy poster!!! Nice find Lady Defcon.

Well there we go, day one of the latest Defcon Poster Marathon in the bag, come back tomorrow for another cool new poster.


Fright Night Special

October 31, 2008 | In Defcon | Comments Off

Well tonight is the night that all the freaks, spooks and ghosts come out to play, which basically means that AtariBuff can actually walk the streets at night and have everyone comment on his fantastic costume (even though he is not wearing one). Yes guys and ghouls is Halloween Night! Time to go trick or treating, make yourself sick on sweets, and general cause a nuisance to anyone that wants a quiet night of it.

So how do you round off a night of spooking? Well how about this. Turn off all the lights, open a window to let a chill wind in and throw one of these ghastly apparitions into your PS1 and try and scare yourself silly. Yes that’s right, he comes Defcon’s recommendations for a good nights fright!!!

Evil Dead

Ok lets start off with something that might scare you, but will more likely make you laugh your butt off. Evil Dead Hail To The King. Playing as the king of horror comedy himself, Ash, you get to throw out all the witty one liners that you like as you plough through the undead scourge that plagues you during a night of havoc and bloodshed. But remember ‘This is my BOOMSTICK!!!!’

Resident Evil

ps-resident1.jpg ps-resident2.jpg ps-resident3.jpg ps-resevilsurv.jpg ps-resevildc_g.jpg

The epitome of survival horror! Just throw one of the series into your console and get ready for frights a plenty. The hands through the wall. The zombie dogs. Nemesis himself. It doesn’t matter, how and it doesn’t matter where but at some point Resident Evil will make you jump out of your skin.


ps-dracula.jpg ps-dracula2.jpg

One for your classic horror fans here as old fangboy takes pride of place in his gothic sanctuary. Everything is included here, old Romania gypsies, deserted medieval villages, and even vampire bats. Can you mess with the Dark Lord and get away with it?

Alone In The Dark

ps-aloneitdarkjib.jpg ps-aloneitdtnn.jpg

Old creepy mansion full of undead? Needs investigating you say? No one else to do it? Well I guess I am in then. The tried and tested ‘errr don’t go in there buddy, its full of raving madmen’ gets played out to the full in Alone In The Dark. Of course like a classic Hollywood movie you never think to turn the damn lights on do you?

Ok so there are few fright makers that might scare you up a treat should you decide to play them. What will old Defcon be playing though? Well my night’s entertainment is looking like this.

Alien Ressurection

When I first played this is scared the bejesus out of me, and that was in daylight, with other people around, and a big dog sat by my side. This time it might be a little different what with the lights out and the mad axeman running through my house (see LadyDefcon). The alien setting does nothing for putting your mind at ease, with dripping goo lining the walls, as you run through the corridors of alien infested spaceships. And of course the moment you first come across an alien, you pants change to a funny shade of brown.

Silent Hill

If I manage to get through Alien ok then I think I am going to plump for the weird one. Silent Hill in my eyes is the best horror game to be released on the PS1. The visual style of the game is just fantastic, the story compelling, and the enemies are so weird that they scare you to death. And the static! On a silent night, in the dark, when that radio kicks up. Well lets just say its enough to keep you regular!!

Detective Mouse

DEAR GOD NO!!!!!!!!!!!

Hee hee well hopefully your night will be as good as mine, and scares a plenty will be had. But just remember, when its all said and done, there is nothing under the bed, or in the closet, or down the basement. The bogeyman doesn’t want to eat your soul, and yes AtariBuff is just that ugly!!

Oh and feel free to throw your thoughts up on the forums, what will you be playing for a good scare tonight?

Goodnight folks, sweet dreams


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