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Reality Bites!

February 15, 2008 | In Defcon | Comments Off

Hey all!!!

I know I know, I have been a little quiet recently but to say I have had a little bit of a busy time recently is a massive understatement. So let me get you all caught up shall I.

As you know two weeks ago little Liam came into the world, well what should of been an easy two weeks welcoming him in and making him happy turned into an absolute nightmare last Tuesday when Lady Defcon suffered a heart attack. The cause was a tear in one of the arteries that supplied blood to her heart. Thankfully I was right with her when it happened and managed to get the emergency services here as quickly as possible. However that was just the start of the chaos, over the next couple of days she was in critical condition while they tried to repair the artery, find out how much damage had been done, and how well she was healing.

Of course through all this time I was still having to look after the kids, house, pets etc. Thankfully I received loads of help from friends and relatives who took as much off me as possible.

Then if that wasn’t enough, Xander my five year old son, decided to get himself a fever and dehydrate himself enough to also warrant a small stay in hospital. You see Xander is Autistic and cannot communicate too well, so he could not tell us where it was hurting or what was happening to him. All this combined and he made himself very unwell. Thankfully the doctors helped him out really quickly so his stay was short.

Now however things are beginning to look up. On Monday both Lady Defcon and Xander were allowed home from hospital. Xander just needed another blood test before being given the all clear and is now terrorising the house once again. Lady Defcon however is on a long road to recovery. She has been told to do absolutely nothing and to rest as much as possible, therefore me and the kids are on full housework duty. She also has to take a lot of drugs, and by a lot I mean alot. I think she is on about 12 different tablets a day which is extremely scary. It will e a little while before we know for sure how much damage was done, if any and how well she will recover. Only time will tell but I am making sure we are doing everything possible to make sure she gets the best treatment, rest and recovery.

I owe a lot of thanks to everyone that have looked after her at the various hospitals she has been in, along with those that looked after Xander. I also owe a heap of thanks to those people who have looked after me and the kids.

So yeah reality bit me really hard over the last two weeks. But now its time for me to bite back and get everything back on track. Family first, then get back into this silly little PlayStation collecting thing. I just wanted to let you guys know what had been going on.


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