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Disney Triple Pack 3


    Publisher: Sony
    Developer: Disney Interactive
    Product Number: SCES01431 – SCES03010-ANZ – SCES03000-ANZ


Disneys Tarzan
Join Tarzan and his fiends on a thrilling, action-packed adventure. Swing on vines, ride through the jungle on an elephant’s back, tree-surf and develop the skills and the abilities that will allow you to confront and overcome the jungle’s most dangerous perils.

Disney’s Aladdin Nasira’s Revenge
Aladdin is about to face his biggest adventure yet. He’s got to dart through teh marketplace of Agrabah; break his way through the palace; escape imprisionment in the dungeon; journey through an oasis; survive the fiery Cave of Wonders; rescue Jasmine from booby traps in the Pyramids; save the Sultan from the grasp of evil in the Ancient City; and battle Nasira in her secret lair. And Jafar is never far away… Hold on to your fez, its going to be a wild adventure.

The Emporers New Groove
It’s not easy being the all-powerfil Emperor Kuzco. One minute you’re making all the rules and running the show, the next you’re… a llama?
You must guide Kuzco through eight amazing worlds in a whirlwind of thrilling arcade action, mind-bending puzzles and 3D platforming adventure.


The last of the three Disney multi packs here, and this one is probably the hardest to find, although it seems to be quite prolific in Australia. The games come in standard CD cases and not the useual fat PS1 case.


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