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5 Star Racing


    Publisher: Pheonix Games
    Developer: Kung Fu Ltd
    Product Number: N/A


Buckle up and put the pedal to the metal. You are sitting behind the steering wheels of the world’s most pwoerful vehicles as they crush, splatter, jump and roll their way to victory. be weary, don’t get worried over a few spins and screeches, because there are always thrills and spills just waiting for you around each corner. Race like you never raced before and watch out for your opponents as they want to win as much as you do.


Here we have 5 Star Racing in its European release state, which is a big box with the game itself enclosed. This was never released like this in the UK. This is also still sealed.


SE5StarRacingFront.jpg SE5StarRacingBack.jpg  

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