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Breath Of Fire III Limited Edition


    Publisher: Infogrames Deutschland
    Developer: Capcom
    Product Number: SLES01304


F??r alle echten Breath of Fire-Fans gibt es jetzt diese einmalige

SPECIAL EDITION in limitierter Auflage mit:

* dem original PlayStation-Spiel,
* einer hochwertigen Drachenfigur aus Kunstharz
* dem Breath of Fire-Pin
* dem T-Shirt (Gr????e XL) im original Breath of Fire-Design.


When I saw this I almost wet myself, a limited edition version of Breath of Fire III still sealed. Along with the game you get a T-shirt, badge and best of all a dragon figurine. Its a great little set, almost on par with the set that the Japanese market got for PlayStation games. It is number as #4540.


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