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Driver 2 Limited Edition


    Publisher: Infogrames
    Developer: Reflections
    Product Number: SLES02993


When a U.S. Crimelord’s money man cuts a deal with his greatest rival, a Brazilian gangster, violence threatens to ignite both American continents.

Enter Tanner. The Driver.

You’re back in the driving seat!

* 4 New cities – Chicago, Havana, Rio and Las Vegas
* Out of the car action – explore the city streets on foot
* Steal cars – abadon your vehicle and hi-jack another.
* Massive variety of vehicles – drive cars, trucks and buses
* Multiplayer Mode – split-screen cop chases and special games.


Still with its shrink wrap this version of Driver 2 comes with a plethora of goodies from key chains to pens, and music cd’s to postcards. Top class mint condition too.


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