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Grand Theft Auto Collectors Edition


    Publisher: Take Two
    Developer: Rockstar
    Product Number: SLES-00032


Grand Theft Auto

The original.
A classic

No limitations.

100% open driving.
100% open vehicles.
100% action.

Mission Pack #1. London 1969

Welcome to London where only those in the know survive.


Respect is everything.

Ruthless gangs are involved in a brutal power struggle. make a name for yourself, but watch your back. Respect is earned not given.


Ok so I may be cheating here a little as this was actually a standard release, however it does say Collector’s Edition on the front of it so I am including it in these pages as well as the standard list. Anyway here we have the GTA Collectors Edition, all the PS1 releases of the game thrown together in one pack along with enough maps to fill an atlas.


SEGTACollectorFront.jpg SEGTACollectorBack.jpg SEGTACollectorBits.jpg
SEGTACollectorMap1Back.jpg SEGTACollectorMap1Front.jpg SEGTACollectorMap2Front.jpg
SEGTACollectorMap2Back.jpg SEGTACollectorMap3Front.jpg SEGTACollectorMap3Back.jpg

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