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Hidden And Dangerous Video Pack


    Publisher: Take 2
    Developer: Talonsoft
    Product Number: SLES03602


The year is 1941. Your special forces team has been shot down deep inside enemy territory and it’s now reliant on your cunning and tactical thinking to get them safely across the border. The odds are stacked against you. Have you got what it takes?

Product Features

* Immersive story through 20 diverse missions
* Conduct covert operations behind enemy lines
* Intense 1st person action
* Intelligent AI – carelessness costs lives as enemies hear you, see you and even chase you
* Make use of the arsenal of weapons available to complete your objectives


A war themed special edition here with Hidden and Dangerous the game packed up in a box set along with the film Saving Private Ryan on VHS. A nice little combination I think you’d agree.


SEHiddenVideoFront.jpg SEHiddenVideoBack.jpg SEHiddenVideoBits.jpg

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