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Shadowman Coffret En Edition Limitee


    Publisher: Acclaim
    Developer: Acclaim
    Product Number: N/A


Habite empecher l’Apocalypse, Shadowman va devoir traverser le voile qui separe le Monde des Vivants de celui des Morts afin de detruire l’Asylum. Cette cathedrale, elevee par Legion, l’Incarnartion du Mal Absolu, accueille tous les serial killers qui ont ensanglante l’historie de l’humanite. Sous ses ordres, elle ouvrira de notre Monde permettre a ces assassins d’assouvir leurs obsessions les plus morbides.


Only ever seen one of these, and this is it. The Shadowman Limited Edition came all the way from France, is still sealed and contains the game, a T-Shirt, a poster, an amulet, and an Audio CD. I would like to tell you more however this is still sealed and it is staying that way.


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