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Wild 9 Special Edition


    Publisher: Interplay
    Developer: Shiny
    Product Number: SLES01333


Times are hard… The ruthless Karn, a gargantuan villain with a taste for inter-planetary redecorating, has almost siezed control of the universe. A bunch of nine misfits calling themselves The Wild 9 are the last chance for civilisation .. and they want you, Wex Major, Earth Teenager and reluctant hero, to lead them.

With the help of the mystical Rig to help you – the galaxy’s most powerful weapon – you encounter a string of bizarre characters and torture your enemies in this furiously funny romp across 13 huge, wild worlds.


This special edition comes in the form of the game and a Playstation T-Shirt. All packed up in an oversized box this version is still shrink wrapped.


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