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Limited Editions

Many interesting and limited “Collector’s Editions” got released for the PlayStation. All of them came in another packaging with additional stuff like posters, stickers, bonus CDs or even had hardware added like Joypads, LightGuns, MouseMats or Controllers. Most of these were released in very limited quantities making them highly sought-after collector’s items.
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NIKE Gran Turismo 4 Limited Edition

I simply included some press texts to the pictures. Enjoy!!!

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Wild 9 Limited Edition

Because BuckyB demanded it - here are pics of the two known country variants of the Wild 9 Limited edition packaged with a T-shirt. Actually this LE is often up on eBay. Release numbers must have been high. BUT this goes only for the French/German release, the English one funnily seems rarer.

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Wild 9 Audio CD Edition

A nice special release - on top of the game jewelcase resides an audio CD. The set is sealed so I cannot give you further information about the contents of the music CD. This one came from France and I believe it to be a French exclusive release.

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Shadow Man Limited Edition

Got this sealed Shadow Man box set from a nice lady in France. Defcon has the other known copy and his is sealed either, so we don't know what the T-shirt and the amulet look like.

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Resident Evil 2 Limited Edition

One of the more elusive limited editions finally found the way into my collection. Sammelhammel mentioned this nice goody a year ago but we were not able to trace it until recently when some more or less complete copies showed up on eBay. Please see the pics for all items included.

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Wip3out MemoryCard Edition

Astoundingly only one copy of this release is known to date. It has been found in Prague, Czech Republic. Deep in my heart I suspect that there are like 1,000 of this babies floating around somewhere. Watch the pics and read more info.

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Evil Dead Limited Edition

This limited edition was exclusively released in Australia and features a VHS tape of "The Evil Dead" starring Bruce Campbell.

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Spider-Man Limited Edition

Lemme present another of this beautiful, limited PlayStation 1 PAL editions for collectors, investors,... This release has a T-Shirt and a Comic book included so you need not shop for clothing and books for some time ;)

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Maximum Force LightGun Edition

Woah, another collectors release that saw *very* limited release and that only in France. Click the pics and read a bit more info. Vive la France!

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Transport Tycoon Limited Edition

I'm proud to present you a *very* limited edition of "Transport Tycoon". Comes packaged in a white box including a boxed PlayStation Mouse and a nice MouseMat. I saw this release advertised in a german PlayStation mag and will scan it as soon as I stumble over it.

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