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Stage 1 Complete!

November 22, 2009 | In Defcon | Comments Off

Well after a few years of hard toil, searching through bins and hassling Austrians I can finally say that without a shadow of a doubt I now have a complete PAL PS1 standard game collection. And here is the final game of them all.


Unfortunately I have to thank AtariBuff for sending me this game over. ;-)

So there we go then, its done at last. No more having to buy off eBay, search through charity shops and……… oh wait, country variants!! Looks like I am gonna still be at this for a while. :)

Also on to further news, and for those of you not on our forums we have finally released the database online for everyone to use. You can browse through it by clicking on this link or the link in the top menu. It is very early stages at the moment and will be going through a lot of changes over the coming month. If you do find any issues with it you can always discuss them in our forums.


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