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Syphon Filter & Resident Evil 1.5

May 19, 2008 | In Defcon | Comments Off

One of my favourite PlayStation games is Syphon Filter. The game really opened my eyes to 3rd person shooter type games. While not being totally action packed and fast paced, it did allow for excitement throughout, and included some nice puzzle and tricky stealth-em up sections. The story held together well throught he series and altogether had me coming back for more each time a sequel came out.

So with that it makes me smile when I can manage to bring you a poster update with just Syphon Filter posters alone, and not only that but they are all double siders.

PSyphonFilterBulletSide1.jpg PSyphonFilterBulletSide2.jpg
PSyphonFilterGreenSide1.jpg PSyphonFilterGreenSide2.jpg
PSyphonFilterLoganSide1.jpg PSyphonFilterLoganSide2.jpg
PSyphonFilterTallSide1.jpg PSyphonFilterTallSide2.jpg

Obviously the last one is my favourite as it is different than your standard poster. As usual these are all stored along with the other posters in the Artwork and Posters area of Other Stuff.

Now one last thing, Resident Evil 1.5. From looking at the sites hits over the past month or so it would seem that my previous post on this, reporting the news about the PlayStation Museum’s find, has a lot of people stumbling over to the site. I can only assume they are looking for the link to the museums page about it, which has since been taken down.

Well for those people I thought I would do you a favour and link the youtube video playthrough the PlayStation Museum did at the time when he was allowed to play it.

Hopefully this will satisfy your Resident Evil 1.5 needs.

Well folks come back tomorrow, posters plus maybe something else. Who knows… (well I do, but where’s the suspense in that?)


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