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Syphon Filter & Resident Evil 1.5

May 19, 2008 | In Defcon | Comments Off

One of my favourite PlayStation games is Syphon Filter. The game really opened my eyes to 3rd person shooter type games. While not being totally action packed and fast paced, it did allow for excitement throughout, and included some nice puzzle and tricky stealth-em up sections. The story held together well throught he series and [...]

Double Fun For Sick Sunday

May 18, 2008 | In Defcon | Comments Off

Well I am feeling crap at the moment, I have been attacked by that most awful of illnesses, the common cold and it has filled my head full of snot and given me the shivers so I am not going to do much talking tonight. Instead I am going to let the posters do the [...]

PS1 Hardware Posters

May 17, 2008 | In Defcon | Comments Off

You back again? Thought so. Want another poster fix? Ok. How about some hardware stuff?

So it wasn’t just games that got all the advertising. Here we have some standard fair hardware advertising, including one for german stores. All very nice indeed.
Well there ya go, a quick fix for today. Come back tomorrow to see some [...]

Sony Press Kits and More Posters

May 16, 2008 | In Defcon | Comments Off

Well here it is, that update I promised you. First of all lets get todays posters out of the way. Once again I have tried to pick a diverse selection for you to gaze upon so without further ado I give you…

So thats a poster based on the cover of In Cold Blood, and standard [...]

PlayStation Poster Fix Time

May 15, 2008 | In Defcon | Comments Off

Well I had hoped to throw up not one, not two but three press kits tonight, however for once I have been very busy and I have only just got back in from karate.
So unfortunatly tonight all your get is a little poster update. Tonight we add 3 more posters to the collection and these [...]

Optical Illusion

May 14, 2008 | In Defcon | Comments Off

Yep you are not seeing double this is infact my second update today. But it does have something to do with optical illusions.
The average male brain can process millions of thought processes at a time, however most males do not have the cognitive ability to actually gain any use out of these thought processes. Further [...]

Poster Child for a generation.

May 14, 2008 | In Defcon | Comments Off

Well something must be really wrong with me. Another update? I must be mad. Well know not really, just managing to get on top of everything and actually get some content up on the site.
So what have my grubby little hands been doing today? Well I have been lucky enough to win 1 or 2 [...]

Artwork and Posters

December 23, 2007 | In Defcon | Comments Off

Shop Advertising Posters
Below is a gallery containing all of the shop advertising posters we have in our collection.

Shadowman Artwork Prints

Here we have 6 artwork prints taken from concept art for the game ShadowMan. They are printed on mock canvas style card and really have a gothic/horror feel about them.

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