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Unofficial PAL PlayStation Releases

June 10, 2008 | In Defcon | Comments Off

Well its been a little while I know but I have been major busy and have actually had to upgrade my home machine due to Age of Conan not running on my old rig so my machine has been out of action for a while. However I am back now and I am getting straight back into the swing of things. First of all I have upgraded a few of the plugins including the forums so they are up to date now. Secondly I have been doing some security investigations thanks to our unannounced visitor the other day, hopefully it won’t happen again but we will have to just wait and see. And finally I have been looking into speeding the site up even further, and hopefully we should see a big improvement this weekend as I am preparing to do a big upgrade server side.

But I cannot just leave it at the for you guys so lets have a little look at some software shall we.

Well I think most of know about these 2 following games.

fl.jpg fl2.jpg
Fun & Learning Fun and Learning 2

Now these are two unofficial releases from Blaze, unofficial because they do not have SLES or SCES numbers and therefore never went through Sony’s Submission process that the official games do have to go through.

The Fun and Learning series are a bunch of edutainment like games for kids between 5-9 to play in an effort to improve their learning skills while playing games at the same time. There are games that improve spelling, hand-eye co-ordination, letter and number recognition, maths, and memory. Built upon the usual game mechanic systems like matching pairs, collecting letter while platforming and puzzle based aspect.

Now these are not the only pieces of software that Blaze released through unofficial channels. Below are three other titles all from the same people.


Feeding Frenzy

Feeding Frenzy is a set of screensavers for you to run through your PS1. It features 9 different room enhancing screensavers across three different themes, Shark, Eagle & Piranha. It features and I quote ‘Amazing Full Motion 3D Movies’ !!


Virtual Fireplace

Yes you read that right, it does say Virtual Fireplace. Not all of us can feel what its like to sit in front of a roasting hot fire inside a wooden chalet in some Austrian mountain location. Well now we can with Virtual Fireplace. Yes its a screensaver of a fireplace. :roll:

But wait it also includes Virtual Space and Virtual Disco!!! And once again I quote ‘Calling all disco queens! The collection of disco screensavers transforms your living room into a virtual nightclub’. I am sure AtariBuff could really use something like this for his Saturday night prep routine before he hits the discoteques.

And Virtual Space, because in space no one can hear you save your screen.


DSP Music Revelation

And finally we have this twin CD pack. Basically it is an enhanced music player for your PS1. You throw this disk into your console and soon you will have an enhanced CD player, and effects menu and a unique light-to-sound screen effect.

Or in other words. A Cd player front end, something to make your music sound like its coming from a toilet, and some pretty raytracing on screen that will either take you back to the 70’s or a bad trip listening to the Happy Mondays.

It does however come with a bonus CD which includes music from Final Fantasy x, Resident Evil and Virtua Fighter (a game that was never released on PlayStation).

Well there you go, a little look at some unofficial PAL PS1 releases. Now one caveat, these all bare the legend ‘For PlayStation 2 & Psone’ so they are not 100% PS1 releases, however they are part of the history I guess.

Also these are not that easy to get hold of, they come up on eBay now and again, and also on Amazon if you are lucky, but if you do manage to see them for a cheap price it might be worth snapping them up.

And just to start you off…

Feeding Frenzy on eBay
Virtual Fireplace on eBay
DSP Music Revelation on eBay

Right I’m off to site infront of my Virtual Fireplace, throw some banging happy hardcore into my Light-to-sound screen generator, and feed my virtual shark…. :shock:

Oh and keep an eye out for anymore unofficial releases and be sure to mention any that you know of or see.


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