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Room Of Doom Project

Well here it it. AtariBuff has the PAL Project and I have the Defconsoft Room of Doom project. So what is it exactly? Well basically the Room of Doom project is a way for me to get my act in gear and display my collection in the way it deserves and not in its current state.

So being the nice person that I am I thought I would let everyone in on the progress of this project as it grows and becomes a reality. So where do we start? Well how about we start with how it is at the moment. Below are pictures of how the collection is currently stored. Now please I do not want any nasty hate mail about ‘how could you just stack your boxes like that’ etc. Remember this is a positive action we are doing here, we are trying to make it better but before we can do that we must start with the bad points.

Room of Doom Project Before

My ongoing project that is the Defconsoft Room Of Doom!!!

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So we have our starting point. As I progress and come up with new way of storing and displaying my collection I will add it in here for all to see.

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