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Baby Got An Atom Bomb

June 28, 2008 | In Defcon | Comments Off

Over the years the PlayStation has been graced with many games that have used licensed music as their soundtracks. Games such as Wipeout, Tony Hawks, and even in the later stages Fifa. Nowadays it is common place to see the latest games come with a musical accompaniment of the latest makeup wearing boy bands number one song. Oh and then there is also Guitar Hero and Rockband that are taking the licensed music addition to a whole new level.

It is down to this fact that I have added a new section to the PAL PlayStation Collective and that being Music CD’s. And to start it off I have already added two CD’s.

ODoubleLife.jpg OWipeout2097.jpg

I have also added a 3rd Party Software section. This is largely due to the interest in the screensavers and music programs I talked about a few weeks ago, and those mentioned will be added but for now I have added two other 3rd party releases, but don’t panic they are only cheat systems.

OXploderV4.jpg OXploderMedia.jpg

On the other news front I have managed to already pick off 3 targets in my quest for the end of my collection, as soon as they arrive I will throw up pictures to show everyone. I have also photographed all the other stuff waiting to be added to the site so soon there will be a few more wheels, memory cards, controllers and various other stuff added.

On a final note I need your help guys. I have been working through my list of needed games and generally it doesn’t look like it will be a problem picking up those final one or two without too much trouble other than finding the money to pay for them. I do however have one game that has eluded me for so long now and still manages to elude me to this day. So I am throwing out a hand for some help.

So if anyone sees Gekioh Shooting King for sale anywhere, please please please tell me. This son of a bitch has avoided me for too long. I have searched high and low for it and as of yet have never seen a complete copy for sale. Infact if someone gives me any information that leads to the eventual purchase of this game I will bake you cookies. Promise.

Heres what it looks like guys. Go hunting!!!!



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