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OMG!!!! Its the super fast speedy thing!!!

September 7, 2008 | In Defcon | Comments Off

Well incase you were wondering I have finished that little thing I was doing in the background recently. Ladies and gentlemen I give you the PAL PlayStation Collective Version errrr 4 I think.

Obviously the first thing you will notice is that everything has changed around here, and it will go on changing for a little while yet as I still have some little things I need to tweak out here and there. However I hav achieved my main goal which was to speed the site up no end.

As you can tell its a lot faster and that is because I got rid of the other forums and we have brand spanking new forums for us to play with. Unfortunatly you will have to register again however AtariBuff has been through the old forums and pulled out all the cool and interesting stuff you guys have posted so nothing has been lost, and in fact its all been digested into a much easier to read passage.

As always when I make big updates to the site I am sure there are a few bugs, if you do find some please give me a shout either through a comment on this post, through the forums or stck your head out the window an dyell real loud, I am sure my dog like hearing will get the message.

Right thats it, I will let you all get settled in before I start filling your world with more wonderous and magical PlayStation 1 pick ups.


PS. Opinions on the site are welcome as well, although whatever your opinion is its probably wrong :)

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