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Promotional Materials (Page2)

Vib Ribbon Promo Shirt

OVibRibbonShirtBack.jpg OVibRibbonShirtFront.jpg

This is the most insane shirt ever. It has Vib Ribbon in various poses all over it. Little is known about this shirt however, rumours have it that it was a promo item for the game, others have it coming out after the release of the game, if you know get in touch.

Desktop Standees

OPointBlankStandee.jpg OTIFStandee.jpg

Here we have a couple of desktop promo standees for Point Blank 2 and This Is Football. They are hard cardboard and come with cardboard stand to keep them upright.

Games Preview Video

OGamesPreviewFront.jpg OGamesPreviewBack.jpg OGamesPreviewLabel.jpg

This is a store supplied video for use in game shops to show off the latest release, this video comes from September/October 1997.

G Police Staff Jacket

ogpolicejacketfront.jpg ogpolicejacketfront1.jpg ogpolicejacketarmright.jpg

This is a jacket given out to the developers of the game. It is styled to represent the uniforms worn by the characters in the game

The Unholy War Character Cards

OUnholyWarCardFront.jpg OUnholyWarCardBack.jpg

Bit of a rare find these, Character cards based on the characters from The Unholy War. Each card details a character, giving you information on their strengths, weaknesses and battle tips.

Deathtrap Dungeon Card Game

ODeathtrapCardFront.jpg ODeathtrapCardBack.jpg ODeathtrapCardBits.jpg

You’ve read the book, you’ve entered the virtual world, now play the card game!
As a tie in with the game, the card game was designed by Ian Livingstone himself and is based on the ancient Chinese card game “Zheng Shang Yu”.

Tank Racer Bottle Opener and Beer Mat

Some promotional items here from the not so well known Tank Racer. There is a metal bottle opener shaped like the Tank Racer logo, and a metal beer mat that also has the Tank Racer logo on it.

Die Hard Trilogy Dog Tags

Something I actually picked up myself at the time they were going around. These Die Hard Trilogy dog tags came from the bar located at the EA Stand at ECTS one year. I know this because I was there demoing Soviet Strike at the time and grabbed them when I went for a sneaky pint.

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