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Posters Mega Update

November 23, 2008 | In Defcon | Comments Off

Ok I know I promised you guys a poster marathon, but it seems I feel at the first pretty much thanks to a really busy and hectic schedule recently. In order to make up for it I am just going to blow out on the posters and throw them all up in one big go. Isn’t that nice of me :)

So here you go, get your fill of new posters to the Defconsoft collection.

PFrenzy.jpg PGex3D.jpg POne.jpg
PKlonoa.jpg PMcraeRally.jpg PMicroPlatinum.jpg
PPitfall.jpg PPremierManager98.jpg PFastbreakBack.jpg
PFastbreakFront.jpg PVig8Front.jpg PVig8Back.jpg

So that brings the poster collection to the dizzying heights of ‘alot’ and you can see them all in the Artwork and Posters section of the site.

Right now thats posters out of the way I can concentrate on proper updates with some new stuff coming in both hardware and special releases, along with a really nice and extremely rare variant. I even have some merchandise to chuck into all that as well.

Also with Christmas coming up it should giv eme some more time to really throw up some special stuff here at the Collective that might surprise a few of you.


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