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Variety is the spice of life

November 27, 2008 | In Defcon | Comments Off

Well Howdy Ho people, I said I would be trying to keep up with things and that is what I intend to do. I have a couple of things to talk about today but the first is to get you guys up dated on my quest to join AtariBuff in the illustrious club that is ‘Complete PAL Collection Club’.

So I have managed to bag two more games out of the list so it is rapidly shrinking to the magic number of 0. Today we have….

First up is Destruction Derby Raw/Porsche Challenge double pack, and secondly we have GZSZ 3. The 2nd one has been a right pain to try and get hold of I might add. So that brings our list to

  1. Bust A Move 2 / Bust A Move 3DX
  2. Castlevania Symphony Of The Night Limited Edition
  3. Grand Theft Auto: Double Feature
  4. Rayman Junior: Anfaenger
  5. Star Ocean: The Second Story

And I can already inform you that 2 more of the above games are winging their way to the Defconsoft household as we speak.

Secoundly and on the topic of the big games hunt I am about to put out a plea.

Yep thats right, anyone giving me information which directly leads me to acquiring this game will be rewarded with an extremely special surprise from the Defconsoft vaults. So please look extra hard in every crevice. hole or launch a stealth attack on Ataribuff’s house and get me this game. :)

Now finally I would like to show you something rather special in my eyes. Here take a look at this.

Notice anything about it? Hmm maybe I will leave this out for debate before I give you the real answer to what it is. If you have any ideas then throw them up in the comments. If anyone guesses the answer and gives me the actual story behind it I will give that person a custom forum title.

Lets see how far your knowledge really goes:)

As correctly guessed by Tinsair this is an exclusive holographic cover edition only available from the British store HMV. These do not show up that often, infact this is the first one I have seen. And to prove it here is the ad from the OPSM magazine for May 98. Tinsair message me with a custom title that you would like.


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