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A sign of things to come…

January 28, 2009 | In AtariBuff | Comments Off

I noticed a hilarious coincidence in UK’s unofficial PlayStation mag “PlayStation Plus” lately. Lemme explain.
Like all of “Formula 1 ‘98“’s predecessors, this one was pretty buggy when released to the world. “PlayStation Plus” reviewed it next to the game “Buggy” by Gremlin and showed the gaming world foreshadowing things to come… a buggy “Formula 1 ‘98″ game :lol:

At least I find that funny :roll:

Nonetheless, the PlayStation 1 Database (not online yet) has this to say about “Formula 1 ‘98″:
When you press “Select” at the main menu then the following is displayed on-screen: “FORMULA ONE – 98 – BETA – 6.3.A – BUILD DATE OCT 12 1998″ – did they really release a beta version???

Still laughing…


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