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Demos and More Posters!

May 21, 2008 | In Defcon | Comments Off

Hey hey guys, its that time of the day again when the little ones have gone to bed and I can finally get round to throwing an update your way. And today I got a tiny little something for you.

First off lets get the posters out of the way shall we? Here we go another 3 from the collection, surely I must be running out soon. :)

PLegendOfKartia.jpg PGTA2.jpg PRallyCross2.jpg

Now I know that AtariBuff has shown you Legend of Kartia already in his poster section, so I thought I would just sneak it in to this update today. But I have given you a really nice Grand Theft Auto 2 poster and a Rally Cross 2 poster as well to make up for it.

And now onto the little something special, I have two game demo discs for you to look at.

DResidentEvil2.jpg DSuikoden2.jpg

So yes they are not two ordinary demos. First we have a copy of the Resident Evil 2 demo that came with the Director’s Release of the first game. (Which you can see in the What’s Hot Or Not section at the top of the homepage), don’t worry though I didn’t split up a full release of this game, Lady Defcon managed to find this one loose.

Now another Lady Defcon find, the Suikoden 2 Demo. This demo even comes with a small instruction manual which you can also see pictured. This demo is usually packed up along with Vandal Hearts 2, however once again this one was found loose.

Well there’s ya lot for tonight, tomorrows update may be a little later than usual but I will endeavour to get some more posters up for you.


The makers of this update would like to reassure readers that no complete PlayStation 1 games were hurt in the making of this update.

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